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You can’t afford to miss this opportunity! Get your free piece of land on the moontoday by filling in for details about yourself and confirming that email address. There are no strings attached, so what do you waiting?

As soon as I joined up with the Cosmic Register we will send over an exclusive offer – 1 acre of lunar land worth just because… and wait until you see how easy registration was (allowing access once confirmation). It doesn’t take much time or effort either; simply provide your email address and some basic information.

How do I enter the Moon Land owners name?

Do we reprint an existing moon or planet mars lot number?

Who really buys this amazing moon gift?

Buy An Acre Of Moon Land

Of course you dont need to buy anything to be a moon land owner. Just register to receive your coordinates of land on the moon. But for those who want to be an moon estate owners and hold the deed, there are 2 options. You can either receive 1 acre of land for free and keep it yourself or give this as a gift with coordinates (and copyright) included in your will so that others may build their own homes upon its surface!

lunar land deed
Moon Deed PDF
lunar land PDF
Moon Deed PDF

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