PDF – 20 Acre Mars Deed


PDF Email Download DocumentWelcome to Cosmic Register! You are about to purchase a unique piece of property: your very own 20 acres of Planet Mars land. This deed includes everything you need to get started as a Martian land owner that can be received in a PDF email download to be printed by the recipient.

First, we will custom print your name or recipients on the mars deed, so you can always remember who owns this special piece of space. Next, we will provide you with a unique land description and lot number provided by the Lunar Astronautical Charts (LAC) at the 1:1,000,000 map scale, so you can keep track of your property. Finally, we will include a lunar land chart created for each of the 30 mars quadrangles, so you can see where your property is located in relation to the rest of the planet mars.

All of our new 20 Acres Planet Mars owners will have their moon coordinates automatically recorded in the Official Registry. All Planet Mars coordinates will be stored with the Human Rights for Planetary Colonization (HRFPC) a non-profit organization. So, you can be sure that your purchase is safe and secure.

What are you waiting for? Buy or gift a Mars land deed today!

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